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Bringing some of the nations top successors together to Empower All.

The Empowerment Conference will be held in Los Angeles, June 2nd and 3rd, 2018. Our mission to bring together powerful speakers, such as professional athletes, celebrities, authors and business icons to share their experiences and provide valuable information on dynamics that will drastically enhance your daily life.

The purpose of this conference is to build a network, provide inspiration, direction in life skills, business development, over-coming roadblocks, self-empowerment, work-life balance, spirituality, and create a giant impact on peoples lives.

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We will be discussing...

Life skills

The world and all the beings that reside are constantly changing, constantly weaving through lifes obstacles and challenges. Being adaptive and positive to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life are extremely important when striving to reach your goals.          

self empowerment

To take control of our own lives, setting our own goal, and making positive choices. Understanding our personal strengths and weaknesses with the knowledge on how to use them to our advantage. 

Business development

The way people grow, whether in themselves or in their companies. The ambition and demand to continuously be looking for the next step to expand and prosper. As a leader, one will constantly be in act of development.

work life balance

The juggle of life and business can always overpower our bodies and mind. When a Dream or goal is being chased, it is easy to have tunnel vision on the goal leaving other aspects un maintained. One of the most healthy and powerful skills is maintaining an efficient work-life balance.

overcoming roadblocks

In life we are all faced with many different roadblocks on a daily bases. We are confronted with one of to choices that must be made. We can either let them stop us or push past them to learn and grow stronger.                                                            .


To have a sense of peace and purpose. Find and empower the beliefs of what life means to you and the power of meaning you bring to others.


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts
— Winston S. Churchill


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